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We had a robust group of about 8 of us from VCC at the recent Inhabit Conference last weekend. Christena Cleveland, Shane Claiborne, Michael Frost and many others inspired us with a vision for transformation in our neighborhoods in some profound ways. To top it off, Dwight Friesen, Paul Sparks and Tim Soerens just released their new book, The New Parish. Their collaboration through the Parish CollectiveThe Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, and the Leadership in the New Parish Certificate is greatly influencing a movement in the church to reimagine and transform their neighborhoods.


His Story - The Story We Find Ourselves In                           

What if God was involved in history? What if history is actually moving somewhere? What if God's Story is the story we find ourselves in? What if this story is heading towards the restoration of the entire creation to its original goodness?  In our current series, VCC is taking a close look at the most anonymous person in history.  Join us on Sundays @ 11am as we explore the story we find ourselves in.          





Dr. Rose Madrid Swetman's dissertation, "The Practicing Church"
Dr. Rose Madrid Swetman's blog, http://www.rosemadridswetman.com/
Tina Schermer Sellers podcast seminar "Starting the Conversation: Sexuality and the Christian Church"
Tina Schermer Sellers podcast seminar "Parenting for Sexual, Spiritual and Relational Health"
Killian Noe's talk, Participating in the Healing of God's World
Tina Schermer Sellers podcast seminar "Faith, Youth & Sexuality"



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The Story We Find Ourselves In - The Poker Pastor      

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